Fans React to Spider-Man Creator Steve Ditko’s Death

Marvel creator Steve Ditko has passed away at the age of 90, and the comic industry is expressing their condolences, sympathies, and admirations for the creator on social media.

Marvel fans are well aware of Ditko’s contributions to the Marvel Universe, as he co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange alongside Stan Lee. Ditko was the one who came up with that iconic webbed costume as well as the web shooters Spider-Man uses in his adventures. He also helped create some stalwarts of Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery, including Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman just to name a few.

He also had a hand in creating Doctor Strange’s supporting cast, including characters like Dormammu, Karl Mordo, Wong, and the Ancient One, all of whom made appearances in the recent MCU introduction of Doctor Strange.

In fact, fans have seen much of Ditko’s work on the big screen, as his creations have been featured in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, the Amazing Spider-Man films, and most recently Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War.

In addition to Spider-Man and his villains, Ditko also penned characters like Aunt May, Uncle Ben, J. Jonah Jameson, Gwen Stacy, and Norman Osborn, all of which have made various appearances in the films.

Still, Ditko will always be most identified with the comics, especially the Marvel universe that he helped create. If there is a classic moment you remember from early Blue Beetle, Spider-Man, and a variety of other books, there’s a good chance he had a hand in it.

The comics industry is incredibly sad to lose such a talented creator, and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

Slide 1 of 10Neil Gaiman

Steve Ditko’s work had a profound effect on many of today’s successful creators, including Neil Gaiman, who took to social media to thank Ditko for making his “childhood weirder”.

“I had heard rumours, hoped they were not true. Thank you Steve Ditko, for making my childhood weirder, and thank you @wossy for taking me with you when we went in search of Steve Ditko, and found him. A kind man, who gave me comics.”

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Slide 2 of 10Scott Derrickson

Ditko’s Sorcerer Supreme finally made it to the big screen with last year’s Doctor Strange. The director responsible for the film Scott Derrickson took a moment to say goodbye to the character’s creator with some of Ditko’s artwork.

“Goodbye Steve Ditko”

Slide 3 of 10Mitch Gerads

DC artist Mitch Gerads expressed his sadness at Ditko’s passing, but also his gratitude for Ditko’s work.

“Goodbye, Steve Ditko. Thanks for making such a mark on my life with your own marks. Rest in peace.”

Slide 4 of 10Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis had thanks to give too and loved just how off the all and strange Ditko’s work could be, and he was glad to have experienced it.

“Goodbye, Steve Ditko, and thanks for everything, you weird legend. What strange and amazing things you achieved.”

Slide 5 of 10Brian Michael Bendis
(Photo: Reddit/Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis actually had the chance to thank Ditko for his Marvel work, work that eventually gave Bendis a career.

“I spoke to Steve ditko on the phone once. I’ve talked about it often. I got to thank him for creating Spider-man and putting food on my table. I hope he really heard me”

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Slide 6 of 10Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright lamented the fact that Ditko didn’t profit as much off his creations as others, but also knows his work will last forever, and will always be appreciated among creators and fans.

“RIP to comic book legend Steve Ditko, influential on countless planes of existence. He sadly never profited from his comic creations that have lasted for decades, but his work will never be not forgotten.”

Slide 7 of 10Heather Antos

Heather Antos is appreciative of all the characters Ditko created over the course of his career, and his presence will be missed amongst the industry he helped create.

“Thank you, Steve Ditko. Thank you for creating some of the greatest characters the world has ever seen. Thank you for all you’ve done to contribute to the comics industry. You will be missed more than you know.

Slide 8 of 10Cecil Castellucci
(Photo: DC)

Cecil Castellucci wanted to make sure Ditko was appreciated for his other creation, Shade the Changing Man.

“Just hearing about Steve Ditko. Ditko also created SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, which is a character which changed my life.  I wish I could shake his hand and say thank you.  And I hope his spirit is off in the universe doing something mad and strange.”

Slide 9 of 10Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld views Ditko on the Mt. Rushmore of comic book creators, and all you have to do is glance at his impressive resume for proof that spot is well warranted.

“Spider Man’s visionary illustrator and enigmatic co-creator has passed from this plane into the next realm! STEVE DITKO is on the Mt. Rushmore of Comic book creators. Dr. Strange, Hawk & Dove, The Creeper, Shade The Changing man, so many of Spider Man’s amazing rogues, Lizard, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Kraven, Mysterio. The definition of creative genius and inspiration. R.I.P. #spiderman #drstrange #marvel”

Slide 10 of 10Brandon Bird

Ditko didn’t just work on superheroes though, as Brandon Bird also thanked the creator for his lovely work on the Transformers franchise, including color books.

“RIP Steve Ditko, thank you for your wonderful contribution to culture (weird Transformers coloring books).

Things I know about Steve Ditko:
1) Randian
2) invented Spider-Man
3) believed Bumblebee had one arm”


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