Facebook has reportedly shuttered the election interference ‘War Room’ it showed off to reporters

Facebook is shutting down the “War Room” it built ahead of midterm elections, and won’t reopen it for future elections, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The War Room was part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to contain the spread of misinformation and abusive content on the platform. Foreign accounts were first found to have interfered in U.S. elections during the 2016 presidential contest and have continued the misinformation efforts since.

The War Room also garnered heavy media attention, leading some to speculate it was a public affairs stunt.

Facebook did not respond to several requests for comment from CNBC.

The makeshift control center of sorts was intended to bring employees from across Facebook’s divisions together in one room to improve threat prevention and detection around the midterm elections. Facebook also deployed the War Room during Brazil’s presidential election in October.

The company plans to use different strategies for future elections, though, a company spokesperson told Bloomberg. A “strategic response team” under vice president of operations Justin Osofsky is designated to handle time-sensitive threats, the report says.

Read the full Bloomberg report.


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