Erie County Clerk hopes to expand hours, add Saturday services at Auto Bureau offices

ERIE COUNTY (WIVB) – Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns is looking to hire an additional 11 employees for the county’s Auto Bureau offices, in order to expand hours and add Saturday services to handle an uptick in NYS license renewals. 

Erie County Auto Bureaus will hit a number of transactions in 2018, Kearns said in a Monday press release.

License renewals in the county have jumped 300 percent from 2017 to 2018. Additionally, new federal requirements will require air travelers to provide identification that meets “Real ID” standards, which are issued through the auto bureaus. 

Adding the additional hours and Saturday services will help alleviate lengthy wait times at the county’s Auto Bureaus, which can currently take up to two hours, Kearns said. 

Kearns says the hiring of 11 new civil service employees for the Auto Bureau Offices will be paid for through an additional source of funding totaling $1.5 million that he has identified, and will not create an extra expense to Erie County taxpayers. 

Hiring an additional 11 employees will cost approximately $338,000 for 2018. 

“Adding additional staff resources will help to increase the Auto Bureau efficiency, stopping residents from taking their business online to the state or to other counties,” the press release stated. “This will help preserve revenue for Erie County.” 

Kearns will ask the county legislature to consider the additional employees on Thursday. 


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