Erdogan Urges Government to Prevent Smuggling of Wealth Abroad


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged the cabinet to take measures against the smuggling of wealth abroad by “some businessmen,” saying the attempt constitutes treason against the state.

“I am hearing that some businessmen are in an effort to smuggle their wealth abroad. I am calling on our cabinet, first and foremost, that you should not allow any of it to leave because these moves constitute treason against the state,” Erdogan said in a speech from the eastern province of Mus on Sunday.

Erdogan did not name any businessmen or companies, but his equation of their transfer of wealth abroad with “treason” builds on his allegations of an international conspiracy against his government, more than a year after a coup attempt. A Turkish banker is on trial in New York, charged with helping Iran to evade U.S. financial sanctions, while some of the president’s relatives have been accused by the country’s main opposition party of transferring millions of dollars abroad. Erdogan has denied the allegations against his family members as “slander.”

“We don’t look favorably upon those who are making money in this country and attempting to smuggle their wealth abroad,” Erdogan said.




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