Entering auto incidents are rising in Statesboro

STATESBORO, Ga (WSAV)- The number of cars being  illegally entered into in Statesboro is growing. Last week Statesboro police department released a statement saying  there were 212 incidents of illegally entered cars, today that number has risen to 217.

The Chief of Police, Mike Broadhead, said this crime of entering autos is very preventable. Especially since 87 percent of the vehicles illegally entered into were unlocked.

“It’s very simple for one or two people to just walk through a parking lot or a long line of cars and check every door handle. If it’s locked they move onto the next one, and when they find your car open, they’re gonna get in,” Broadhead said. 

He also said the crime of entering autos usually happens in large parking lots like apartment complexes or the hospital. 

He added the perpetrators of this act are usually a juvenile or a young adult usually looking for loose change. However, items such as small electronics and 17 firearms have been taken from these unlocked cars. 

 Broadhead  said the department had a campaign, but stopped using it due to uncertainty, but plans on bringing it back.

“If you see the same sign everyday you start ignoring it, right? So, we took a break from it for a while. We’re going to start that up again, as the holidays are here,” Broadhead said. 

He added  the police are looking into other ways to help remind residents to not leave their vehicles unlocked, and that suggestions from the public are welcome.

One thing Broadhead does want residents of Statesboro to know is during this time of the year, they should be extra careful.

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“Heading into the holiday season there are things you can do to make yourself more at risk. Leaving presents in your car, leaving things of value that are visible to someone walking by looking in, so keep that stuff out of sight,” Broadhead said.

He also added that residents should just remember to look their car doors to ensure none of their belongings go missing.


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