Dunlap Soccer Quartet Experience World Cup Fever

DUNLAP, Ill. – Four Dunlap soccer players found out what World Cup fever was all about last month.

Kai Koehler, Kenna Koehler, Amanda Christophe and Kate Piper were part of a student group that went to Europe a couple weeks ago. They visited historical sights in cities like Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

They also got the opportunity to see how big soccer is in Europe.

“Soccer is a thing here but you’ll never experience soccer like in Europe and Latin American countries,” said Christophe. “It was great to see everyone so excited.”

When they walked the streets of those cities they saw and felt the excitement.

“It felt even bigger than the Super Bowl because every country we were in is rooting for their team,” Piper said. “We saw flags everywhere, jerseys. It felt big. They shared it together.”

They were in Germany for that country’s match up with Mexico.

“We were in a restaurant,” said Kenna Koehler. “We had the World Cup on a huge screen. It was really cool. It’s nothing like in America.”

A trip to Europe to experience the culture and history is incredible. A trip to Europe with your soccer-playing friends during the World Cup?

That’s out of this world.

“There were huge screens everywhere, everyone is in the pool watching the game,” said Chrstophe. “It’s a cool atmosphere, especially for us soccer players to say, ‘this is our thing.'”


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