Drive in Cinema’s screening of Christmas classic, Home Alone to bring festivities to Promenade Park in Maldon


Movie lovers can warp up warm and enjoy a classic Christmas film under the stars.

On Saturday December 8, Promenade Park in Maldon will host its first drive-in cinema event.

Essex Alfresco Cinema, organised the event which will see the Home Alone brought to the big screen in the great outdoors.

Donna Burnham, director of Essex Alfresco Cinema, said she hopes it will become an annual event in the calendars of families across the area.

She said: “We are a local business in Maldon district and we thought a Christmas film event has never been done before in the area, especially not a drive in.

“Promenade Park is used to hosting outdoor cinema events.

“Home Alone is one of my favourite Christmas films too so that one just made sense for us all.”

Two showings will be held of the film, which stars an eight-year-old McCaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, who makes life hell for a pair of unintelligent thieves after being left at home by his parents ahead of a Christmas holiday to Paris.

An afternoon showing will take place at 1.30pm, and another at 5.30pm.

Families will be welcome to arrive at the park an hour and a half before the film starts, where they will be shown where to park.

Each car will be given a bluetooth speaker so that everyone can hear the film.

The organisers have confirmed another event is already on its way next Christmas.

Donna hopes the event can become a major date in many families calendar.

She added: “We have got one event booked in for next year. I cannot say what film will be show just yet.

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“Families in this area and everywhere have their own Christmas traditions and we hope by hosting this event annually, it will start to become a Christmas tradition for the community here in Maldon.”

There will be a host of festive food and drinks available for viewers to buy at the park.

Prices for the film will start at £37.50 per car.

Essex Alfresco Cinema offered advice to visitors before the event.

A spokesman said: “The two front seats will have the best view, if you’re bringing children then they can sit on your laps in the front.

“If you will have a car full of adults, then please be mindful that the guests in the back won’t have the best view and would be welcome to bring chairs and sit outside the car if they wish.”

Tickets are limited for each showing of Home Alone.

To book tickets, go to




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