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He was speaking during the 14th graduation ceremony of the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) held at its main campus at Tunguu, Zanzibar. There were a total of 1940 graduates from 56 different courses, of which 58 per cent are women and 42 per cent men.

Dr Shein asserted that engaging on various entrepreneurship projects would make them excel in life because most successfully people in the world are those employed themselves.

“You must aim higher to succeed in life, your dreams should be to employ yourself and apply the acquired educational skills to maximize profits”, said Dr Shein adding there are many entrepreneurship opportunities that are yet to be utilized.

The President commended SUZA for being able to increase the number of students each year as well as new course including Doctor of Medicine which had 25 graduates. He said the university also offered Apprenticeship courses to 53 students who were awarded certificates. All the students were from the tourism industry.

He however commended the International Labour Organization (ILO) for working closely with the government in ensuring that SUZA offers the best Apprenticeship courses in the tourism sector.

“We are confident that you are well equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to work and improve the tourism sector which is the main contributor to our economic growth”, he noted.

He said SUZA has been making progress every year whereas the introduction of Doctor of Medicine degree courses is clear indication that it is determined to continue producing qualified graduates in different sectors.

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The 25 graduate doctors will help reduce health workers gap at our hospitals, he said. Dr Shein said the current patient/ doctor ration in Zanzibar is (1:6435) compared to the previous ratio of (1:23,000) in 1997, a situation contributed with growing population.

He said that in 1965 the government under Afro Shirazi party had planned that a single doctor should attend to 6000 patients per year, but the number of patients per doctor has increased by more than three folds.

The President directed the Ministries of Education, Agriculture and Fisheries, Natural Resources and Tourism to work closely with SUZA to facilitate training of its servants.

He said the government is finalizing processes to join the Kizimbani Agricultural College with SUZA. He said once connected with SUZA, the college will be able to offer the best agricultural courses.




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