DPS continues investigation of fatal auto-pedestrian crash in Raymondville

DPS continues their investigation of a fatal accident that left one man dead after he was struck by a pick-up truck in Raymondville.

A man was killed Tuesday evening in Raymondville after he was struck by a truck, and CBS 4 spoke to a bystander who tried to help.

When Javier Robles went into Raymondville on Tuesday night, he wasn’t expecting he’d come across a fatal accident.

“I drove up and I just saw a car with its emergency lights on in the middle of the road and I’m thinking, ‘Ok maybe he just has car trouble,'” says Robles, a Willacy County resident.

“I was just going around him thinking that he was just someone who had trouble with his vehicle, and then at that point he flagged me down because he didn’t have his telephone, cell phone – then I saw the accident victim on the side of the road,” he says.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says that on Tuesday evening after 7 p.m, a Dodge Ram pickup truck was traveling southbound on Business 77 when the driver hit a pedestrian. The driver of the truck did stop to render aid.

“I pulled over, dialed 911, and EMS showed up immediately,” Robles says.

The victim, 69-year-old Jose De La Rosa Garcia of Raymondville, was pronounced dead at scene. Robles says it was so dark, it was difficult to see anything.

“He wasn’t moving… at that point it was hard to see because it was so dark and even though he had his lights on it was still very dim,” he says. “That’s not something you run across every day… especially on this road because there’s not that much traffic.”

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DPS reminds the public that if walking at night, make sure you are visible to drivers. Wear light colors, have a flashlight on hand, and, if crossing the street, cross in a well-lit area to avoid injury.

DPS continues to investigate the fatal crash with the cooperation of the driver.

Wednesday, Nov. 7, marks 18 years since the last time the state of Texas went an entire day without a deadly accident on the road.


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