Don’t Count London Fashion Week Men’s Out Just Yet

When some of the big brands that signed on across the first few seasons of London Fashion Week Men’s recently pulled out of the calendar, there were people too quick to call catastrophe. There have been some bumps since the event’s inception — because, of course there have — but this season’s just-wrapped menswear-dedicated week was as vibrant and creative as it’s ever been. 

Perhaps those were people who don’t know the team at the British Fashion Council, led by one Caroline Rush, who is an understated force in fashion. Did you see those pics of her sitting at Richard Quinn’s show next to the Queen? Not Anna Wintour; I mean the actual Queen of England. And if you follow the BFC’s myriad Instagram accounts, both official and personal, you probably saw her hobnobbing with Charles, Prince of Wales not long after — and with Victoria and David Beckham at a Kent & Curwen breakfast on Monday, and with Elton John, David Furnish and Dylan Jones (OBE), the editor-in-chief of British GQ, at a dinner the day before. Those naysayers might have missed the laundry list of sponsors, headlined by Topman. I don’t think we need to panic, or even bat an eyelid to be honest; London Fashion Week Men’s is in strong company.


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