“Don’t believe NASA”: Ufologists found the footage of the UFO

NASA has published flight of a UFO. An unidentified object traveled across the expanses of the Solar system near the very bright and large stars. Ufologists noted that the organization carefully cover the existence of an alien race. They claim that it is not necessary to believe the “tales of NASA”.

«Не верьте NASA»: Уфологи нашли на кадрах НЛО


The unidentified flying object was recorded on August 9, SOHO STEREO. The apparatus monitors the Solar system. The images show that the spacecraft is located near the light source. Also NASA employees published in Network video, where an unknown object plows through space. Ufologists noted that it is not necessary to refer to the phenomenon seen with skepticism, and need not believe the official NASA – they hide the truth.

The organization said that the video filmed elements dust that are unable to clean the camera lens than completely destroyed the assumption on the journey of alien beings.

The footage shows various moving objects that have different shapes and sizes. The unknown ships are maneuvering at unrealistically high speed, right beside the lights of the Solar system. The Network began to assume that UFO so energises the Sun.


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