Dolby to bring first immersive-experience Dolby Cinema to Germany

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13 (Xinhua) — U.S. audio-visual giant Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (Dolby) announced Wednesday that it is partnering with one of the largest German cinema companies to bring the first Dolby Cinema to Germany.

San Francisco-based Dolby said it has signed an agreement with Kinopolis Group, one of the most traditional German cinema operators with more than 100 years, to deploy the first Dolby Cinema at the renowned Mathaser Palast in Munich in southern Germany.

“The Dolby Vision laser projection system delivers high dynamic range with enhanced color technology and a contrast ratio which far exceeds anything on the market today,” Dolby said.

It noted that its new technology offers “a dramatically different viewing experience that presents strikingly vivid and realistic images, making viewers feel like they are inside the movie’s world.”

Movie-goers will be transported inside the story with immersive sound that flows all around them, even overhead, creating breathtaking realism and a powerfully moving experience, said Dolby.

“We are excited to announce our first theater in Germany and delighted that it will be at such a prestigious location. Customers in Germany will now be able to experience the ultimate cinema presentation for all genres of film,” Doug Darrow from Dolby said.

Dolby, which has offices in over 20 countries around the globe, is using spectacular audio-visual cinema technology to offer revolutionized entertainment experiences for movie-loving fans. 


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