Does Emma Husar have a case against BuzzFeed?

Emma Husar’s political ambitions may be toast, but there are huge considerations to be made before suing for defamation.

Emma Husar
Image: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Emma Husar is, politically, not so much toast as she is one of those bits of the toast that get stuck in the bottom of the toaster, lingering and charring until you finally find the right pointy instrument to get them out.

In her parting, Husar fingered the famously invisible forces of faction in the Labor Party, NSW branch, which no doubt have a trophy room somewhere at Sussex Street displaying a row of decapitated heads. The media, gratified by her eventual surrender to the leaking waves of salaciousness which just kept coming, turned as it always does when it has its corpse, to discussing the story of the story; that is, to talking about itself.


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