Coworking Considerations – The Benefits Of Coworking Vs Working From Home

Benefits Of Coworking Vs Working From Home

One of the biggest struggles of freelancers and flexible workers everywhere is finding an ideal place to work. For many, especially those who enjoy travelling as a digital nomad, searching out a great café or library to work from can be difficult and waste valuable working hours. Working from home is always an option for many, though this has significant drawbacks in terms of work-life balance.

For those seeking to change things up and take a fresh look at their freelance work, Melbourne coworking spaces are a great place to start. Beyond the cafes and libraries of the city, coworking spaces are designed with the needs of professional workers in mind. As such, you can reap many benefits from choosing to make coworking one of your favoured locations for work.

Let’s look at some of the specific benefits you can expect from coworking in comparison to working from home.

Collaborative Opportunities

As a freelancer or flexible worker, you are likely an expert in your area of specialisation. This expertise comes with a skill set that is likely valuable to others in a coworking space. You will find that premium coworking spaces are filled with talented people like yourself who are open to the idea of exchanging skills and collaborating on projects.

While this might begin as a tentative arrangement, many successful business relationships have been formed in a coworking space. If you are looking for potential collaborators or need a fresh set of eyes to provide you with some insights into your work, then try a coworking space to experience this possibility.

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Office Essentials Provided

For most freelancers and flexible workers who have worked from home for a period, the hassle of using third-party stores for your printing, scanning, and copying needs can be time-consuming and wasteful. Rather than deal with this stress, you can enjoy the benefits of these facilities all in one place at a high-quality coworking space. Best of all, you will not have to worry about the maintenance and repair of this equipment if and when it happens to break down. Your coworking provider will happily take care of this for you.

You can also expect that high-speed internet connections will be available and included in your monthly rate. If you are looking to save some money on your own personal utility bills, this can be a good option to exploit.

Improve Productivity And Motivation

While working from home can be highly comfortable, it can also lead to procrastination and a loss in motivation for your work. Unless you have extremely good self-discipline, you have likely found the distractions of your home can easily overpower your will to work.

Having a physical office space that you can commute to each day will allow you to better separate your work life from your home life. In effect, you will be much more productive once you arrive at your coworking space and sit down to work in a more conscious way.

Being surrounded by other motivated individuals who are passionate about their projects will also fill you with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for your work.

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Experiment With Coworking

If you have worked from home for a long time as a freelancer or flexible worker, you will find that a coworking space is a welcome reprieve from the occasionally tedious days you spend in your home office. The interpersonal and productivity benefits alone will benefit you in both professional and personal ways. Find a premium coworking space near you to experience these advantages for yourself.


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