Councils band together to conserve water


Councils band together to conserve water

Monday 4 December

With another dry, hot summer expected this year,
and some reservoirs already at critically low levels, two
local councils are doing their utmost to remind the
community to conserve water wherever possible.

Napier has
this afternoon imposed a level four water restriction, with
extremely heavy water use over the hot weekend necessitating
a complete ban on sprinklers and hoses for at least the next
few days while reservoir levels stabilise.

However help is
at hand. A new campaign launches today, with a familiar face
at the helm. Shelley Exeter is a self-confessed greenie who
has worked as a council gardener for 14 years. Her smiling
face is a common sight in the parks and reserves around the
region, and she’s always willing to help residents who
approach her for advice on their seasonal planting, lawn
upkeep – even composting.

Shelley says she is proud to
front the conservation campaign, which aims to help locals
make informed choices about their household water usage
through a series of print advertisements, radio slots,
digital screens and banners, and sharable video content.
“I see this as a great opportunity to start a conversation
about how we use our water,” says Shelley. “I personally
always like to save as much as I can, rather than being
wasteful and reckless. There are so many easy, small
‘wins’ that quickly add up and make a huge difference to
our overall water consumption here in Hawke’s Bay. None of
us wants to run out of water!”

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Napier City and Hastings
District Councils say the ultimate aim of the eye-catching
campaign is to delay or avoid region-wide water
restrictions, with conservation the simplest way to achieve
this. Water consumption lifts by up to 70% in summer months,
and the supply is already struggling to cope.

asking our communities to lower their usage in easy, clever
ways – reusing the water from rinsing fruit and veg on
your garden, putting a cover on the pool, if you have one
– that kind of thing. Indoors, it’s about turning off
the tap when brushing teeth and shorter

Council staff are also being briefed on
lowering water usage around parks and reserves. Non-potable
water is used in some areas to irrigate city grounds and
gardens, so as town supply is not affected.

The campaign
will run from December until March.

Napier’s level four
water restriction will be reviewed later in the week.

more information on water use or your Council’s current
restriction status please see or


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