‘Come and stand in solidarity’ – Families to protest police decision not to prosecute over CTV building collapse


The families of some of those killed in Christchurch’s CTV building collapse plan to hold a peaceful protest against a police decision not to prosecute over the disaster.

Despite serious structural faults with the building, police say the length of time between construction and collapse means pressing charges is difficult.
Source: 1 NEWS

Police last week announced they would not to lay charges over the six-storey building’s collapse, which saw it catch fire after a magnitude 6.3 quake struck the city in February 2011, killing 115 people inside, including 65 foreign students.

Several families believe it is critically important to have accountability and justice done to ensure those that died, did not die in vain, public relations consultant David Lynch, who has been supporting the families in an advocacy role since 2013, says.

“The invitation is there for everyone in Christchurch that has some sympathy and understanding of the importance (of the situation) to come and stand in solidarity,” he said.

Families were hoping Sunday, December, 10 would be remembered in the history of the city as when people came together to demand accountability and challenge a decision, he said.

The decision not to lay charges came after a $1.18 million criminal investigation which began in August 2014, with police saying they did not believe a prosecution could have succeeded over the building’s design.



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