Chums, Inc. hosts All That Jazz Extravaganza


The Chums, Inc., Philadelphia Chapter, established a wonderful tradition of gracious entertaining nearly three decades ago. That tradition is the club’s “All That Jazz Extravaganza,” which always takes place on Palm Sunday and was attended by just over 300 stylish guests at the Springfield Country Club in Delaware County.

Gisela Johnson-Smith, chapter president, extended a warm welcome to everyone. “The Philadelphia Chapter Chums, Inc., welcome you and thank you for your support of our annual All That Jazz Extravaganza. We invite you to enjoy an afternoon of friendship, fellowship and fun as you help our student scholars and other community initiatives,” Johnson-Smith remarked.

Currently, the deserving and appreciative scholarship recipients are Amber Holley, a junior at Xavier University in Cincinnati; Daniera Ryan, a senior at Widener University who graduates in May; and Taylor Marie Curtis, who graduated from Penn State University last May.

The Chums, Inc., are involved in several projects that reflect the club’s national theme, “Listen to the children, enrich their lives.” Throughout the year, workshops are held with the young ladies of the Evoluer House. Also, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets are given each holiday to families in need. The Chums participated in the Adopt-a-Family program, also.

The president’s guests were Mark and Patricia Robinson, Ingrid Fisher, Miles Wilbourne, Louis and Lisa Robinson, Kamal and Desiree Mason, Carolyn Smith and Rhonda Smith.

Gloria Toxey Jones, former Chums national president and current public relations officer, was joined by a host of ladies and gentlemen enjoying the afternoon. They were: Claudette Boyd and Leonard Smith, Dr. Charles and Ruth Bridges, Cynthia and Russell Brown, Terri and Paul Jones, Dr. Juanita Blakney, Millicent Bryant, Sylvia and Henry Carr, Leon and Anne Chain, Karen Dean, Debra Delaney and Steve Vaughn, Patricia Evans, Dr. Arnell and Charles Finney, Frances Johnson, Denise and Danny King, Truddy Lowe, Deanna and Charles Minnis, Carl Minott, Dr. Lorraine Poole-Naranjo and Walter Collins, Yolanda and Booker Poole Jr., Elizabeth and William Rivers, Jessie and Joseph Rooney, Marie and Stanley Simpkins, Diedrelaithe Gibson Smith, Lynda Tapper-Smith, Barbara Stallworth, Brenda and Ron Taylor, Dolores Weddington, Barbara White, Shirley and Charlie Williams, Cecilia Victory and David Valentine, and Everett Jones. Everett is Gloria’s “Hum,” as husbands and significant others are affectionately called.

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Mary E. Livingston and Margaret Livingston, 2018 co-chairs of the special event, did a wonderful job. It was evident in the attention to detail. “This was our 28th year hosting our annual All That Jazz event that supports students with the opportunity to have a four-year scholarship,” Margaret Livingston said.

“As my first year as co-chairperson to this wonderful fundraiser, it gave me great satisfaction that even with a change of venue at the last minute, due to a fire, that the event was successful, well-attended and fun,” added Mary Livingston.

Other lovely members of Chums, Inc., Philadelphia are: Dr. Darlene Adams, JoAnne Blackwell, Lorraine Chandler, Nadine Livingston, Crystal Patterson, Yvonne Shervington and Sonya Toxey Stackpole.

There are two “Tea Roses” (prospective Chums): Patricia Dempsey George and Patricia Sims. Emeritus Members and their Hums are: Patricia and George Clisby, Dorothy Cousins, Dr. Bettye and Robert Dixon, Dr. Roberta and James Muse, Esther Pratt, Dr. Vivian and Artis Ray, Dorothy Sumners Rush, Cynthia and Uriel Wallace, and Mattie Wesley.

Mary E. Livingston enjoyed the afternoon with Hum Ray Tyson, Walter R. Livingston III, Naomi Livingston, Joanne Robinson, Robin Martin, Janis Moore, William Hosendorf, Ebriel Livingston and Dale Moore.

Chum Margaret Livingston’s guests “Out & About” were: Hum David Jamison, Councilwoman Janie Blackwell, Horace Patterson, Arlene Livingston, Darlene Livingston, Joseph Livingston Jr., Walter Livingston lV, Jonathan R. Moore (son), Robin and Jeffrey Montague, Stephanie Marsh and Byron Golson, Julius and Carmen Brown, Patricia Sims and Morris Bracy, Gwen and Anthony Jefferson, Sheila Muhammad, Aaron Atkins and Barbara Burgee.

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Guests of Sonya Toxey Stackpole having a great time were: Stephanie Tucker, Edwina Dixon, Earl and Lela Duncan, Loretta and Ed Robinson, Marcel Tucker and Hum Kent Pipes.

Crystal Patterson’s guests were: J. Pat Patterson, Natalie Walker Brown, Sean Patterson, Michele Link, Gene Patterson, Denise Patterson, Connie Major, Brooke Law and Sheila Linton.

Chum Nadine Livingston was joined by Kenneth Louis, Dr. Gregory Stephan, Gwendolyn Houston, Victoria Hill, Debbie Caldwell, Kerry Clark, Janell Steptoe, Joan Steptoe, Shirley Betner, Dr. Bruce Betner, Latoya Gallman, Merit Anderson, Byron Houston, Deloris Brown, Leonard Brown, Jodi West-Booker and state Rep. Joanna McClinton.

Other Hums not previously mentioned are: John Adams, Mark Chandler, Donald Smith, Ray Tyson, Edward Livingston and James Patterson.

Best wishes to Chums, Inc. Philadelphia Chapter!

Have a fantastic week “Out & About” everyone!




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