Chaos again as PKR e-voting continues

PETALING JAYA: The second round of PKR party polls in Selangor today saw chaotic scenes in three divisions, mainly due to allegations of cheating as well as impatience due to long queues.

Video clips of disturbances at polling centres for the Puchong, Gombak and Petaling Jaya Utara divisions were also making rounds on social media.

Police were forced to step in during voting at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council building, as members from the Puchong PKR division were agitated over the long queues outside the hall.

There were also scuffles reported as some members decided to storm into the polling centre.

A fight also broke out between supporters of opposing candidates, after a PKR member brought materials prepared by candidates of a particular faction into the polling centre.

Polling at the Petaling Jaya Utara division meanwhile saw allegations of “phantom voters”.

The division’s chief, Elizabeth Wong, who had won her post uncontested, said her team stopped 30 people from voting after officers discovered they were carrying military IDs.

PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din said the chaos today was mainly due to a misunderstanding, but defended Wong’s action.

He said there were trucks that ferried party “members” to the Bandar Utama multipurpose hall.

But Rashid said it was easy to detect “phantom voters” under the e-voting system.

“Our e-voting system can reject them (phantom voters) and we can nab them later,” he said.

Rashid said problems at the Puchong division were expected as the division had a big number of members.

“I ordered the staff to open up two channels for voting but they did not, and this eventually caused the process to slow down.”

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