Buying Ovens: 7 Important Features to Look

Buying Ovens: 7 Important Features to Look

If you need a new oven there is a lot to consider. We take a look at 7 important features you should look for when buying ovens.

90% of American homes have old-fashioned kitchens. But buying an oven with the latest amenities and features can be a notable kitchen upgrade. What’s more, a stylish oven can be a great centerpiece in your kitchen.

An oven goes beyond serving the aesthetic purpose. Whether electric or gas, you’ll need to consider several factors before buying an oven. The market has a wide range of ovens with distinct features, sizes, and prices. 

If you need a new oven, there is a lot to consider. We take a look at 7 essential features you should look for when buying ovens.

1. Power Options for Oven

Are you pro gas or electric ovens? Well, the first decision in oven shopping is the power options. The electric and gas ovens have their own benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before settling for one. 

With an electric cooktop, the measurement of heat is in watts. The options for these ovens include a glass-ceramic cooktop, electric coil, and induction cooktops. Electric ovens have advantages that make them more desirable than gas ovens.

You’ll enjoy better temperature consistency, which enhances cooking. These ovens are also eco-friendly. Besides, the design of an electric oven makes cleaning its surfaces easier.

Gas ovens promote uniform heating. They are compatible with several cooktops. As compared to electric stoves, gas ovens have low operating costs. If you go for a gas oven, power outages won’t have any effect on your cooking. 

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2. Double Oven

One critical feature when buying ovens is the duality aspect. A dual or double oven gives you the advantage of two cooking spaces. The extra space of a double oven makes cooking easy.

You can have your way when using a double oven. Do you want to steam your broccoli as you bake your turkey for Thanksgiving? This dual feature can accommodate two different recipes.

A double oven is energy efficient. When one dish is ready, one oven can be in warming mode. The temperatures will be enough to cook other meals.

You don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen just because you are hosting a party. Simultaneous cooking saves you time spent in the kitchen and energy. That’s why a dual oven is one of the oven features you’ll find irresistible. 

3. Convection 

When buying an oven, the convection feature is something you don’t want to ignore. Contrary to a regular oven, a convection oven has an exhaust system and a fan. These features enable the flow of hot air around your food for even cooking.

The convection setting in an oven has several benefits. Your food will cook more evenly and faster. What’s more, the feature saves energy when cooking. 

If you love baking or roasting, you’ll find the convection setting in an oven quite convenient. You won’t need to replace the oven racks when cooking. No more hot splatters as you try to adjust the racks. 

4. Design 

Ovens come in different styles to complement your kitchen. When buying ovens, you can choose either freestanding, drop-in or slide-in.

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A freestanding oven can stand anywhere in your kitchen. These models might require considerable space in your kitchen. Nonetheless, they are cheaper as compared to slide-ins.

A slide-in oven fits within a countertop because it lacks a back panel. You’ll need to have controls before going for the slide-in models. With the mechanics involved in fixing them, these ovens are pricier than other models. 

Drop-in ovens are almost similar to the slide-ins. They fit within the surrounding countertops. You can opt for either of these models based on the space and the aesthetic purpose you desire.

Whichever model you go for, proper maintenance is paramount. You should get a professional for oven repair when you notice a malfunction. 

5. Sabbath Mode 

If the only Sabbath you know, is the religious one, you might want to read on! The Sabbath mode in an oven coincides with the Jewish tradition of obeying the Sabbath. The feature allows people to enjoy a warm meal without having to prepare it during the Sabbath day.

How cool is that? Activating the Sabbath mode enables your oven to maintain the temperature based on the time you set. What’s more, your oven light won’t turn on and off as you open or close the door. 

When you buy an oven, the Sabbath mode feature can be an aspect worth considering. Your spouse will get a warm dinner thanks to the fantastic function of this feature. Besides, it will save you the embarrassment of serving your partner or guests dried meatloaf. 

6. Glass Doors 

There’s just something about seeing your apple pie as it turns golden brown. Watching your food as it cooks is appealing enough. It might seem like a petty amenity, but it’s crucial

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Your oven glass doors will reduce the frequency of peeking. Opening the doors leads to the loss of hot air. The feature is a real energy saver. 

Don’t worry about having greased or clouded glasses. Manufacturers have established several designs that will ensure that your oven glass is clean. Glass cleaners are also available to clear any grease or debris. 

With just baking soda and water, your glass doors can be sparkling clean. White vinegar can also do magic. Your only worry about your oven glass doors is a possible shatter when hit or extreme temperature changes. 

7. Wireless Connectivity 

More than 25% of households across the world have embraced wireless networks. If you are one of those tech enthusiasts, buying ovens with wireless connectivity will excite you. This feature allows you to control your oven remotely. 

Imagine preheating your oven when you are still at the grocery? By the time you get to the house, you can bake your chicken pie within a short time. With the advancement in automation, the wireless connectivity will allow you to bake your muffins by just giving voice commands. 

When Buying Ovens, Think About the Features That Will Help You Save Energy and Time

Your kitchen is perhaps one of your favorite spaces. Buying ovens or any electric appliances for your kitchen is a decision you don’t want to make in haste. Consider your needs and go for an oven that works best for you.

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