Brigitte Nielsen ok with being an older mom

Brigitte Nielsen isn’t worried about being an older mother because she’s used to needing lots of energy to keep up with her younger husband.

The 55-year-old actress and her spouse Mattia Dessì, 39, welcomed daughter Frida into the world in June and she insists she has what it takes to cope with the demands of having a young baby in the household.

Brigitte – who has four adult sons from her previous marriages – said: “I’m not really worried because I look good, I feel good and you have to live one day at a time. I can’t say what’s going to happen 20 years from now. No one can, not even if you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s.

“My mother is turning 75 soon and looks amazing, so if I take after her, I’m going to be in tip-top shape when I’m 75. What is wonderful about having a baby at my age is that you have to really care for yourself, stay healthy, work out, watch your diet. It’s about living a better, healthier life. But bear in mind I already had that as I have a younger husband. I have to look nice and have energy because he’s going a lot of energy himself. It keeps you on your toes.”

Brigitte went through 10 years of IVF treatment before getting pregnant with Frida and she admitted she found it tough trying to keep her baby news under wraps as advised by doctors, even though she felt very healthy.

She added to HELLO! magazine: “Because of my age I was told to rest a lot but I felt absolutely amazing. I had no nausea, I wasn’t terribly tired and I didn’t gain a lot of weight. There is hormone medication you have to take while going through IVF and pregnancy which can lead to emotional mood swingas but I never felt any of that.

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“My only frustration was that I had to hide my pregnancy. My doctor had warned that even if I fell pregnant, I might lose the baby at eight, nine or 12 weeks, so when I got to 12 weeks and started celebrating, he said, ‘Oh no.’ I wanted to walk the red carpet and let the world know. I was so proud and happy. But I didn’t tell anyone until I was 27 weeks.”


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