Bomb Blast Kills Two Civilians in Syrian Province

Damascus, Jun 1 (Prensa Latina) The explosion of a bomb today in the newly liberated Syrian Army city of Babylon, in the province of Damascus Campo, caused the death of two people and injured another, police said.
The rural police station in Damascus said in a statement the detonation of the device, planted by terrorists before their recent departure for the northern city of Idlib, killed a mother and son in a house and injured the child’s father.

The violent incident occurred at a time when army sappers’ brigades are carrying out demining work in the cities of Damascus, such as Babila, Yalda and Beit Sahem, Sana’a News Agency reported.

The aforementioned sites were abandoned by the Muslim radicals last May 10th after the signing of an evacuation agreement with Syrian troops.

Thousands of weapons and explosive devices left behind by defeated extremist formations were found by the Syrian army in various parts of the country, many of them American and Israeli-made.



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