Bitguild Adds Three Games to Decentralized Gaming Platform

Decentralized gaming platform, Bitguild, has announced the addition of three new games to its interactive portal. The three games are Axie Infinity, Eth Town, and Mythereum. Bitguild raised over $20 million in its April ICO with the backing of Justin Sun of the TRON cryptocurrency. Mythereum is a digital trading card game, Eth Town revolves around the buying and selling of virtual real estate assets, and Axie Infinity is a fantasy game where Axie creatures battle in an arena. According to the Eth Town co-founder:

“Although Eth Town is more than just a single game, joint efforts rather than competition will help to strengthen the crypto gaming sphere altogether and make the whole market bigger.”

The new additions are expected to build on the excitement generated from the Ether Online game already on the platform, said to have collected significant levels of revenue. There is a healthy level of enthusiasm in the gaming community concerning decentralized platforms, and Bitguild raised its ICO funding in less than 6 hours.

The decentralized gaming platform allows in-game assets, characters, and items to be tokenized. This means that users have full control over what they collect in the game and can trade it among themselves. Users will be able to transfer items between other players and other games. Bitguild is expected to add more games shortly and become the number one platform for decentralized gaming. It aims to disrupt the gaming industry and redefine the relationship between players, developers, and the gaming environment itself.

Bitguild will soon add a virtual asset exchange where virtual assets can be bought, sold, and exchanged for PLAT, the Bitguild ERC-20 token. PLAT can be used by gamers and developers alike. Developers can avoid high fees and use smart contracts to automate transactions, while gamers can use PLAT to buy assets and services. Bitguild is led by Jared Psigoda, former CEO and co-founder of Reality Squared Games.

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Interactive entertainment, an area encompassing games and the associated media, generated over $108 billion in 2017. The area is set to grow with virtual and augmented reality gaming taking up a larger proportion of this figure than it is right now. To facilitate the growth of gaming technologies, Bitguild is building a decentralized gaming platform on the blockchain to resolve current issues faced by gamers and create a new gaming paradigm.

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