Bingo Today and A Reflection of Its Past

Bingo Today and A Reflection of Its Past

Technology has changed the way we live, and this is a pretty mundane and obvious statement. It is difficult to find an area that has been unaffected by technology, but entertainment really stands out in terms of the influence on technology. Our grandparents had a very limited scope of activities at their disposal, so one could assume that keeping yourself entertained was a lot more challenging than it is nowadays.

People have played games since the beginning of time, well, since the beginning of mankind to be more precise. Games are considered vital to human development, in fact, according to the Ludic Theory of Human Nature, playing games is what makes us human. And even if you don’t accept this theory in full, even the most ‘serious’ individuals would admit that games are important.

The Early Days of Bingo

Here, we want to draw your attention to one specific kind of games. Some would say that it is one game with multiple variants, but let’s leave that aside for now. We’re going to talk about bingo games, how has bingo evolved over the years and what is the current situation. Bingo and other similar types of games that involve drawing numbers are interesting because even though there is a wager involved and an opportunity to win an amount of money at least several times greater than the wager itself, there’s still some sort of a light-heartedness about it that’s missing in most other games that involve placing wagers.

There are a lot of stories and tales regarding bingo, it’s early days and how the game came about in general. Bingo apparently appeared in Italy and it has been played since the mid-16th century, although the game was known as lotto. Lo Giuoco del Lotto as it was called was exported to France and in the 18th century, a young Frenchman developed an alternative which paved the way for the modern game of bingo as we know it. Come to think of it, 18th century France was the birthplace of another very popular game of chance – Roulette, so it seems that the French revolution wasn’t the only exciting event of the era.

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It wasn’t until the 19th century that the game migrated to the English-speaking world, but it seems that it reached Britain first, which actually makes a lot of sense. There is a theory that the game was initially called beano and then somebody shouted bingo by mistake, but there is little evidence to support that.

Bingo In The UK

Bingo became popular in the 20th century, but it’s popularity in the UK really peaked after WWII. In fact, bingo halls have been opening op on a weekly basis and there were almost 600 bingo halls throughout the country in 2005. The bingo version that was and still is popular in the UK is known as 90-ball bingo and it’s pretty self-explanatory why it is called that. The American counterpart is called 75-ball bingo.

The 90-ball bingo ticket features a nine by three layout with nine columns and three rows. Out of the 27 spaces, 15 are filled, five in each row. The numbers are also divided by columns, with numbers from 1-10 appearing in the first column and so on.

Contemporary Online Bingo

The American version or the 75-ball bingo is slightly different, and fortunately, nowadays, bingo fans from the UK can play 75-ball bingo any time, without having to travel half the globe, or even to the bingo hall that does offer this type of bingo. How you may ask, and the answer is simple – online. Online bingo games can be played at a range of sites, and you can register and start playing in less than a few minutes. We mentioned that there were 600 bingo halls and 2005, but the number has been decreasing steadily since and the total number of bingo halls throughout the country today is lower than 400. The reason is quite simple – online bingo. A lot of players prefer playing online, even if many were sceptical at first.

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Some didn’t think that online bingo will be a viable substitute for land-based bingo, mostly that it won’t capture the social element of the game, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. The interactive nature of online bingo enables people to meet other fellow online bingo players, chat and even participate inside games within the online bingo chat channel.


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