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Formerly the Deputy Digital Editor at Town & Country, Lindsay Silberman recently left her media career to pursue travel full-time. Over the course of her adventures she’s ridden an albino water buffalo in Thailand, had lunch in the Omani desert, swam with Great Whites in South Africa, and more. With 60 countries under her belt, Silberman takes pride in sharing her authentic, unfiltered advice with her many followers. 
Out of her entire list of packing essentials, something that she rarely ever travels without are compression socks from Sockwell.
As many of us know, serious traveling means being on your feet often — and being on your feet often means soreness. If you’ve had to cut a scenic route hike short because of foot pain, compression socks may be the way to go for you.

“I was honestly skeptical about the legitimacy of compression socks… that is, until I tried them for myself. The key? Making sure they’re fairly tight—almost like a pair of Spanx for your legs. Slide them on at the beginning of a long-haul flight, and you’ll never worry about swollen feet or cankles again.”

Sockwell’s graduated therapeutic compression promotes healthy circulation that soothes tired feet and legs, all while keeping odor and moisture under control. (Just beware when you take them off.)
Recover more quickly from long days and reduce fatigue so that you can keep up the pace all day long. Also, they’re just really warm and comfortable. 

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