Bainimarama likely to win Fiji election

Frank Bainimarama’s FijiFirst party has just over half of the vote with just twelve percent of polling stations left to be tallied.

The Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama at Government House in Auckland

Frank Bainimarama
Photo: Alex Perrottet / RNZ

Fiji went to the polls on Wednesday and a final result is expected later today.

It was the second election since the 2006 coup.

FijiFirst, which won a landslide victory in 2104, had 50.7 percent of the vote after 1918 polling stations out of 2172 had been added to the national tally.

Provisional results indicated a win for Mr Bainimarama with 51.63 percent of votes.

The Social Democratic Liberal Party led by another coup leader and former prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka has 38.05 percent.

The National Federation Party is the only other party out of six contesting the election, to have crossed the threshold for gaining seats in parliament and has 7.5 percent.

Meanwhile four opposition parties say they have been prevented from verifying results as data from polling stations is entered at the National Results Centre in Suva.

They said election procedures had been breached and they want the authorities to stop announcing official results.

They also say the sporadic announcements are creating anxiety among Fijians.

The Supervisor of Elections said the claims are fake, shameful and the tallying is all above board.

But he said they have suspended announcements to give parties time to catch up.

Provisional results indicate a win for Frank Bainimarama’s ruling FijiFirst party.

On Saturday evening he was holding just over half the vote from 80 percent of polling stations.

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