Backyard Banter: How to Find the Job of Your Dreams

Working in a supermarket could be a short term move for some but the beginning of a career for others.


Working in a supermarket could be a short term move for some but the beginning of a career for others.

The average fulltime employee spends at least a third of their day at work, and that doesn’t include how long it takes to get there or the time they think about work when they’re trying to relax on the couch after hours.

It makes sense, then, that if we’re spending all that time at work, we either really love what we’re doing or it ticks our boxes of why we have that job in the first place.

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People talk about their “dream job” all the time, but what makes a job dreamy is different for everyone. Maybe we’re career-driven; maybe we’re motivated by money; maybe we want to fill our spare time; maybe we’re just trying to get by.

Take a university student who’s studying marine biology but packs shelves at a supermarket in the evening. The purpose of their job is to help them get by while they’re at uni, then when they graduate they’ll look for a more career-specific role.

Someone without qualifications but with drive and determination might be happy with any paid position just to pay the bills, while another in a similar situation might decide to start their own business.

A mum who has stayed at home with her kids until the last one started school might want to fill her kid-free time with a voluntary or paid position. Similarly, a retired grandfather might have Tuesday mornings free so puts his hand up to volunteer at his local library.

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Finding the “perfect job” for your unique situation isn’t always easy – otherwise we’d all have them – but there are some steps you can  take to get closer to the job you’re looking for.

First things first … ask. Find out the best person to talk to about employment then take a deep breath,  get some courage and introduce yourself or hit “send” on that email. Yes, it’s scary but you never know what might happen if you simply ask.

Neighbourly makes finding a casual local job near your place nice and easy. Check out its  dedicated job section to browse available roles and connect with prospective bosses. Nannying and tutoring, cleaning and gardening, painting and gardening … you’ll find  plenty of roles that could tick all your boxes.

A strong network of people in the same or similar industry as you is a great way to get you closer to the job of your dreams too. Your network isn’t limited to paid employment though.

Building great relationships with people from your social netball team, church, child’s daycare, even that random yet friendly guy who goes to Thursday night quiz night could help you land your dream job. Be warned though: the best networking is based on camaraderie, not ulterior motives.

Ultimately, dream jobs are defined by contentment. While they’re usually good at improving the health of your bank balance, you also need to feel fulfilled. You spend more time with your boss than you do with your family, after all.


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