Baby Furniture: What Do You Really Need?

Baby Furniture: What Do You Really Need

There are two events in a woman’s life that she would be willing to go beyond the limits to perfect; her wedding day and the arrival of her baby. Expecting moms understand how exciting and anxious you can get when trying to decorate the nursery. And without proper planning, purchases for the nursery can become more emotional than logical. As a result, the whole experience of getting a toddler’s furnishings ends up being very unnecessarily expensive. While most of the things in the room will depend on the gender of the child, items such as furniture are pretty much the same. For this reason, much thought is need when shopping for nursery furniture.

To help make this process less hectic for you, we have compiled a list of the most essential furniture that your baby will need.

1. Baby Crib

This may just be the first and most essential item in any child’s nursery. There are several types of cribs in the market depending on what you are looking for. However, the most important factor to consider when purchasing a crib is how safe it is. Ensure that the crib is sturdy and visible. Visibility applies to how clearly you can see the child when the baby is sleeping. There are cribs that are closed off on all four sides, meaning to see the child; you have to walk over to the crib. Choose one that is barred and visible on all side.

2. Crib Mattress

There are several mattresses that you will come across and that may even get your attention. As an essential part of a toddler’s furnishings, a crib mattress is very much needed. And with the big debate over foam versus waterproof mattress, you may find yourself a bit confused. However, it is always best to consult your paediatrician on which quality orthopaedic mattress is best for your infant.

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3. Nursing Chair and Pillow

Essentially every item in the nursery is and should be about the baby. And a nursing chair and pillow, therefore, becomes important for the baby’s wellbeing. The chair enables you to feed the baby comfortable; you can lean back, rock the baby, swivel and even put your feet up. The Pillow ensures that while feeding, the baby is well supported to prevent indigestion, gas and carpal tunnel. The pillow enables the child’s head to be propped up and also for tummy time exercises.

4. Drawers and Dressers

As small as these little ones maybe, they too have a lot of clothing. This is especially considering the fact that they require changing at least three times daily. Essentially this means that getting a dresser or drawer is very essential in the nursery. The advantage is you can also use the dresser or drawer surface like a changing area. All you will need to add on top is a changing pad kit.

5. Baby Swing

Baby swings look more or less like a baby crib, except that they are much smaller and more convenient.  An added advantage is the fact that baby swings aid the baby to fall asleep much faster than in other places. Considering that after delivery, you will need to take things as easy as possible, and then this is an important item to consider.

Remember that before you go out shopping for the furniture, you need to measure the amount of space you a have in the nursery. And prior to making toddler’s furnishings purchases, ensure that you have a budget ready so that you don’t find yourself going overboard.

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