Auto Expo 2018: TVS Creon Electric Scooter Concept Unveiled


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Auto Expo 2018: The TVS Creon electric scooter concept looks almost production ready

TVS Motor Company has unveiled what the company describes as a “performance-oriented, electric scooter concept” at the Auto Expo 2018. According to the company, the TVS Creon is “a testament to the fact that electric scooters can be both exciting as well as environment friendly.” The TVS Creon features a next generation electric motor with acceleration from 0-60 kmph in under 5.1 seconds and is claimed to have a range of 80 km. The battery can be charged to 80 per cent capacity in just 60 minutes.

tvs creon electric scooter concept

TVS has tied up with Intel to develop smart-connected gadgets for energy-efficient two-wheelers

The TVS Creon is powered by three lithium-ion batteries capable of delivering 12 kW of instantaneous power. The compact batteries ensure high charge per volume of battery and has helped keep the dimensions of the Creon compact. TVS has tied up with Intel to develop a range of smart connected technologies for energy efficient two-wheelers. The recently launched TVS NTorq 125 has an internal combustion engine, but boasts of being India’s first smart-connected scooter.

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“Two-wheelers are the lifeline of modern Indian cities. In the drive towards smart and sustainable transportation solutions, two-wheelers have a key role to play. TVS Motor Company and Intel have worked together to transform urban mobility with a product of smart-connected gadgets on energy efficient two-wheelers. This collaboration is aimed at creating a unique positioning for hybrid and electric scooter series from TVS Motor Company as both green-energy champions and smart-connected gadgets,” said Vinay Harne, President – New Product Development, TVS Motor Company.

“Two-wheelers are critical to urban mobility and a smart connected scooter is designed keeping in mind tech-savvy, next-generation riders. It is an excellent example of innovation designed in India for the world, creating more convenient, intelligent and personalised riding experiences. We are very happy about our collaboration with TVS Motor Company in this exciting innovation endeavour,” said Nivruti Rai, Country Head – Intel India, Vice President, Data Center Group.

The TVS Creon is built well, with sharp and sporty styling. So far, there’s no word on when the concept will finally see production. But from all indications, TVS will be soon looking to launch an electric scooter based on the TVS Creon. From the way the concept looks, the future line of electric mobility from TVS certainly looks very promising.


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