At Airport Security, a Bag Starts to Smoke. A TSA Agent Reacts Quickly (and Then Runs)

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The only time going through airport security is enjoyable is when you have TSA-Pre and there’s no line.

Many debate how effective airport security is. Some wonder how much attention TSA employees actually pay. 

It’s hard, indeed, when your job involves a lot of repetition — and quite a number of surly customers — to pay attention at all times.

Yet the Transport Security Administration just released a video from Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport that shows one of its employees expedite his thinking process and his gait.

As a bag rolls along the X-ray screening belt, it begins to smoke.

A TSA agent and a couple of passengers notice, but their reaction is to step back.

It’s an understandable response.

However, another TSA agent — Darrell Wade — calmly walks over to the bag, picks it up and walks away with it.

Soon, he’s jogging, trying to take the bag to, presumably, a safer place.

WSB-TV reports that Wade carried the bag away to avoid injury to others and to ensure that the security equipment wouldn’t be damaged.

In this case, it was a battery used to charge a vape.

What, though, if it wasn’t merely a smoking battery? Wasn’t the agent taking something of a risk?

Still, presence of mind is an elusive quality. 

You can try to teach it, but it requires at least some human instincts.

Wade’s instincts seem to have been correct. 

I wonder how the vaper felt about it all. Sadly, the cameras don’t appear to have captured them. 

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Or, just as sadly, the TSA didn’t release footage of them.


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