Asian cinema plays starring role at Sydney Film Festival

SYDNEY, June 14 (Xinhua) — With audiences, filmmakers and A-list celebrities flying in from all over the world, the 65th annual Sydney Film Festival is in full swing down under.

This year, it seems that the spotlight is firmly focused on Asian cinema.

The event’s director Nashen Moodley told Xinhua Tuesday that throughout the year most Australians only get to see American films at the cinema.

“So during the festival, audiences really embrace the opportunity to see cinema from all corners of the world,” he said.

“I think Asian films have a particular sensibility, they’re incredibly well made and they explore such a range of subjects,” Moodley said.

“They have films that are made for tens of millions of dollars and films that are made for tens of thousands of dollars and I think that when you have such a range of expression, it’s quite easy for audiences to connect with these films.”

As one of the longest running film festivals in the world, Moodley said Asian cinema has always been a huge part of the event.

“There is a wonderful exchange of cultures during a film festival,” he said.

“It’s great that Sydney has such a long tradition of this festival and that people here really love films.”

“Even going back to the early days of the festival there had always been very keen audience for these films and I think as Sydney and Australia become more and more multicultural and more and more diverse, it is really important that this kind of cinema is available here, and festivals are one way in which those films can be made accessible.”

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Showing more than 300 films this year from 60 countries and regions, it’s expected that over 150,000 people will attend the event running from June 6-17.

“(Sydneysiders) love cinema. It’s a wonderful place to present a film festival because it’s an audience that is really adventurous, they are really happy to see daring works from all over the world,” Moodley said.


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