‘Aquaman’: New Look at Mera in Costume

The first-look photos for Aquaman officially debuted today, and they provided some new glimpses at the film’s fan-favorite female lead.

Entertainment Weekly’s extensive cover story for the film debuted this morning, with a magazine cover showing Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), and Mera (Amber Heard). The cover provided fans a pretty detailed look at Mera’s newer costume, which was first teased in July of last year. You can check out below.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

A few official stills from the film were then released, including a behind-the-scenes still of director James Wan with Heard, Momoa, and Willem Dafoe. The photo provided an additional look at Mera in her costume, presumably in the film’s “underwater” lighting.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Fans have been eagerly anticipating Mera’s big-screen return, after her scene-stealing appearance in last year’s Justice League. And as it turns out, Heard is pretty excited to bring the character to life again.

“Mera is a personal favorite of mine, and she’s the damn queen of Atlantis,” Heard said in an interview last year. “Daughter of the king of Xebel, she’s a fighter and she has the power to use hydrokinesis, the ability to control water. Her appearance on the big screen is long overdue.”

And as it turns out, her latest big-screen appearance could include her butting heads with her soon-to-be love interest.

“It starts off initially with them not quite clicking with each other,” Wan said in an interview back in 2016. “But then as the story progresses as they learn to try and work together, they get closer and closer. I think those stories are always such a great place for a filmmaker like myself to have fun with my actors.”

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“I think Amber will bring that sense of strength, but at the same time, we also want someone who has a sort of feminine quality to her as well.” Wan continued. “She’s a bit of a contrast to Momoa, who’s more of a muscular machine almost.”

Are you excited to see Mera return to the big-screen in Aquaman? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Aquaman will be released on December 21st.


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