Apple’s Refurbished Mac Store is its best-kept secret where you can buy devices in perfect condition with a nice little …

2016 macbook pro refurbished Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

Apple has a web store that’s hard to find on its main website called the “Refurbished Mac Store.”

It’s a place where Apple sells almost any kind of refurbished devices, not just Macs, for a nice little discount. And not all of them are older models. Many refurbished devices are current-generation.

For most of the refurbished options, you get a 15% discount across all the different models. For example, you get a 15% discount on all refurbished MacBook Pros, whatever specs they have. For iPhones specifically, you get a 10% discount across the board.

I was amazed by the quality of my refurbished 2016 MacBook Pro that I bought in 2017. It was flawless and showed no sign that it had already been used. In my mind, my refurbished MacBook Pro came from Apple, not the previous owner.

I personally haven’t bought other refurbished products from Apple yet, but if they’re anything like my refurbished MacBook Pro, they’re absolutely worth considering if you’re not trying to spend what Apple asks for brand-new devices.

Check out the best refurbished devices you can buy from Apple’s Refurbished Mac Store:


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