Apple Watch Series 3 adoption growing rapidly as usage of Series 0 declines

The Apple Watch Series 3 is really fast and when you pair that with LTE, and the Series 3 is by far the quickest and most reliable Apple Watch to date. Developer David Smith has been keeping track, by way of his Pedometer++ app, of Apple Watch Series 3 adoption since its debut last fall. Unsurprisingly, the device is doing really well.

Smith reports that Series 3 adoption has grown rapidly since it was unveiled, with 33% of his app’s users now using the Series 3 Apple Watch. In fact, it’s now become the most popular Apple Watch model by his numbers. Meanwhile, usage of the Series 0, (or as Apple likes to call it, the first-generation Apple Watch), has been steadily declining. This is good news, as someone who wore a Series 0 up until upgrading to the Series 3, the Series 0 is so slow that I wouldn’t bother using it for anything outside of the Watch face.

On the flip side, and Smith agrees here, the Series 3 is the first Apple Watch that is genuinely “fast enough” for day-to-day use. It has no issues opening apps, switching watch faces, using Siri, or tracking a workout. And with LTE, it makes it the first Apple Watch that can truly be used without your iPhone.

As a developer, Smith notes that he hopes Apple will drop support for the Series 0 entirely with watchOS 5, saying that developing for the first-generation Watch is annoyingly slow, and not worth the time. Fortunately, his research shows that usage of the Series 0 is steadily declining, with less than 1/4 of users still using the first-generation Watch.

My personal hope is that this summer when we get watchOS 5 it will drop support for the Series 0 and free Apple to really push forward on what is possible for developers.

Many Apple Watch Series 0 users seem to be waiting on a refreshed Series 4 or are planning to ditch their Apple Watch entirely. While the Apple Watch Series 0 is “fine” for most people, not many would describe it as a great experience. As the first-generation Watch hits its 3 year anniversary soon, users will be looking to upgrade, especially as batteries degrade and users start to see that their Watches can’t hold a full days charge.

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Are you a Series 3 owner who has upgraded from the Series 0? What’s your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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