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Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to score free money? Well, here’s your chance to cash in.

Apple has a special promotion going where you can get a nice 10% bonus when you add money to your account. But you really need to act fast, the offer is only good through March 14.

You better hurry!

How to get your free Apple bonus

So here’s what’s happening. Apple will give you a 10% bonus when you transfer money to your Apple ID account. You can use it to buy things like apps, books, games, movies, TV shows, Apple Music and even iCloud storage.

There are a couple things to note. As we said, the offer is only good through March 14 and it’s coming up fast.

Plus, it is only valid one time. So, if you want to take advantage of the offer, make sure that you deposit the entire desired amount the first time.

You can add as little as $1, which well get you a 10 cent bonus, up to $200, which will get you a $20 bonus.

Here’s how to get the bonus:

iPhone or iPad

Go into settings on your Apple device, then select iTunes & App Store. From there, click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then select View Apple ID in the pop-up menu. When you get to the next screen, select Add Funds To Apple ID. That’s when you will see the bonus offer.

On desktop computer

Here’s how to get the bonus if you’re using a desktop computer:

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Open iTunes, click on the Account option at the top of the page. Then, select View My Account and you will see a section called Apple ID Account, this is where you have the option to add money.

If you’ve been thinking about beefing up your music library on iTunes, or binge watching some new TV shows, now might be the time.

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