Anthony Saccone’s wife writes Facebook post asking for public support


SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) – In court supporting her husband, Renee Saccone keeps a low profile. But she’s more aggressively defensive of her husband on Facebook.

Last week, Renee Saccone posted:

“Legally he still has 1 month to spend home with us until he is sentenced. So here I ask everyone if you’ve considered him a brother, a friend help me get him home to his boys and family where he should have been for the past 2 months.”

Saccone asked people to call the district attorney’s office to help convince him that bail for her husband should be set, since the reason it was taken away – the reckless driving charges in July – have been dropped.

Any calls inspired by her post didn’t work. On Monday, Onondaga County Court Judge Matt Doran denied his request to set bail.

In the courtroom, District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said:

“Phone calls to my office, like that’s going to have an effect on whether or not we decide to let this guy out – suggest that you let him out. Enough is enough. He admitted it in overwhelming detail. He’s overwhelmingly guilty. And the plea was as voluntary and as by the book as can be done in the State of New York.” 

While Renee Saccone’s post didn’t convince the district attorney, it didn’t impress the community either. There were thousands of comments on the post and shares of the post.

Gloria Radell said: “Spend time with his wife and kids? Are you kidding me? What about them innocent kids he killed and their families? They now have to visit at the cemetery to spend time with their loved ones this makes me sick.”

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Valerie Finney Poor posted: “Poor boy. Can’t stand 2 months in prison awaiting trial? Get used to it. Those kids, their bereaved families can’t bail from the pain of their deaths that you caused.”

Renee Saccone’s post has since been taken down. It didn’t include a mention of the three victims who died.




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