An Apple Watch with GPS Is Better When It’s $200 Off – The Daily Beast


You can get the Apple Watch 3 for $200 on Best Buy right now — which is notably less than Amazon (and Target) is selling it for. At this price point, it’s an entire 50% less than the price of the new model, the Apple Watch 4, and has everything you need. Namely, you get GPS. Think of all the time you spend staring at your phone to get around and replace that with a glance at your wrist. But you also get all the other great smartwatch goodies: heart sensor, WiFi connectivity, accelerometer, magnetic charging, and up to 18 hours of battery life — hopefully about the time you’re awake on any given day. If newest matters most to you, the Apple Watch 4 is available for shipping. If $200 matters more, right now’s a great moment to get a smartwatch and break yourself a little freedom from your phone (but not from the Internet because that’s a lot to ask).

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