Alfred Keter records statement over fraud


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Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter on Sunday recorded a statement at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations as the puzzle over his role in the alleged Sh633 million Treasury Bills fraud continued.

This is even as Rift Valley MPs demanded his release.

Three days after he was arrested with two other individuals at the Central Bank of Kenya, it still remains unclear what role the MP played, and whether or not the dispute was about delayed payments as alleged by the legislator, or forged Treasury Bills (T-bills) as alleged by CBK.

“These three individuals presented a set of forged Treasury Bills, which were purportedly issued by the CBK a number of years ago.

“The total amount is Sh633 million,” CBK head of communications Wallace Kantai told the media on Friday after the arrests.

The MP was arrested alongside Mr Arthur Ingolo Sakwa, and Mr Madat Suburali Chatur, both of Desai Industries, for what the CBK said was forging of 91-day 1990 T-bills.

“Why am I at the police station? Why am I being confined? Why have they not told me why I am here?” Mr Keter posed through his lawyer Kimutai Bosek.

Mr Bosek asked the police to release his client on Monday.

Moiben MP Silas Tiren said the arrest of Mr Keter was political, and had nothing to do with the T-bills.

“Arresting Keter and putting him behind bars is not going to silence him. How do you keep him here when the complainant has not come here to say why you should keep him?” Mr Tiren asked.

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On Saturday, Kanu chairman Gideon Moi said: “It was unfortunate that this happened in this era. Mr Keter needs to be told why he is being held, and is eligible for bail, until he is produced in court.”




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