Alec Ogletree: Officials are “worried about reffing in the Super Bowl”

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Giants linebacker Alec Ogletree made an odd accusation about the officials after Sunday’s loss to the Saints, saying he believes that officials make calls based on a desire to get a Super Bowl assignment.

The NFL assigns officials to the postseason based on a combination of seniority and how well they were graded by the officiating office in the regular season, and Ogletree said he had a discussion with an official during Sunday’s game that led him to believe getting such an assignment is on the mind of the officials during games.

“Honestly, I think it’s basically, they’re worried about reffing in the Super Bowl game. If you ask them why they called a call, they tell you they wouldn’t make that call in the Super Bowl. I think that’s bad – that’s bad all around,” Ogletree said. “You wouldn’t make that call in the Super Bowl. I don’t think that’s right. I think you should call the game as it’s being played. . . . They’re worried about reffing in the Super Bowl.”

Ogletree declined to say which official he had that discussion with, or which call they were discussing. But he was obviously unhappy with the officials — and he’s far from the only player who feels that way.


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