“Again traces of Nibiru”: Residents of a village near Novorossiysk afraid to meet the strangers among them

Witnesses of the landing of 9 alien paratroopers who appeared in the sky and began to slowly descend to the village – were natives of the village of Gaiduk. “Planting spies” from Planet X have shocked local residents.

«Снова следы Нибиру»: Жители деревни под Новороссийском боятся встретить пришельцев среди них

The pictures clearly visible about a dozen translucent substances, which very quickly began to descend deep into the forest a small village near Novorossiysk. Further actions of foreigners to residents is unknown. They hastened to share your photo in Instagram and ask some questions about the defense. “Again traces of Nibiru in our Land” – they write under the photo.

It is worth noting that in recent cases of “visiting” aliens from Nibiru of planet Earth have increased. Since Novorossiysk and its adjacent areas is a resort settlements “find stranger” is practically impossible. Local residents of the village of Gaiduk in social networks began to ask a lot of questions unanswered: “how then should we live?”, “How are they alike and different?”, “What threatens us now?” “But there are ways to protect?” “What they need in our small town?”.

Obviously the natives are afraid to meet strangers among their own, because they do not know what to expect from alien guests, especially if they came with deadly wandering Planet Nibiru.

At this stage scientists cannot explain the origin of the wandering Planet Nibiru. All attempts to study it “interrupts” NASA – research is stroysam the secret data is not disclosed.

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