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ADMEDIA, a new age start-up is using new age technology in order to revive Marathi Cinema on digital media. They are running several social media campaign digitally in several ways. Several Marathi cinema rising stars and singers are supporting their campaigns and they are doing tie ups with ADMEDIA to further promote Marathi theatre and cinema in several ways. In order to promote the regional cinema on a world stage, they have launched an electronic Magazine which talks about the rising starts, Marathi movie reviews and many more things. The magazine was launched on 8th March, 2019. 

Fame Marathi Magazine will feature Marathi rising stars and blockbuster movies. Since there are a lot of magazines which features Indian film industry stars and Movies, fame magazine is launched with a different concept altogether. The magazine will do detailed review and exclusive interviews with the rising stars of the Marathi industry as well as the Marathi cinema. 


The magazine is getting appreciation from many Marathi known public figures. Some of them are Shivani Baokar, Kishori Shahane, Resham Tipnis, Rupali Bhosale, Megha Dhade, Mitali Mayekar, Nitish Chavan, Ankinet Vishwasrao, Pratik Lad, Abhinay Berde, Nikhil Chavan and singers who are supporting are Vaibhav Londhe, Aanandi Joshi, Aarsh Shinde, Sayali Pankaj. 

Akshay Girme, Founder of ADMEDIA said “Time has changed and if people are not coming to watch movies in the theatre, we will take the theatre to each and everyone. Using new age technology to do so is the convenient way to reach out to maximum number of people in just one goes. Thanks to Digital Media and Technology that we are able to put a regional art on the world platform” 

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ADMEDIA has also launched a social media campaign in order to recognize the value of Marathi cinema and revive the Marathi theatre with an effort #revivemarathicinema. The objective of the campaign is to appreciate Marathi Cinema and encourage the youth of the country to show their love for the rich Marathi culture. The campaign celebrates and recognizes the value of Marathi cinema and theatre which needs a serious revival in India. A lot of people in Maharashtra and across India share the same love for Marathi cinema and theatre & with the rise of western cinema industry there has been a significant fall in the Marathi industry.

Though the content of Marathi cinema is always original and a lot of Bollywood films are based on Marathi films still the theatres are never full when a Marathi film releases. The regional Marathi movies don’t get promoted properly in Maharashtra because of the lack of budget in Marathi Cinema. The regional Marathi movies gets sideline and overshadowed by the big budget Hollywood and Bollywood movies. 

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