A young boy’s video sharing the pain of being bullied went viral — and inspired thousands to send love


keaton jones
Jones’ story of bullying took the internet by

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  • Keaton Jones, a young boy from Tennessee, shared his
    experiences with bullying in a tearful video that went viral
    over the weekend.
  • Celebrities in sports and Hollywood voiced their
    support for Jones on social media, with many like Fox News host
    Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump
    Jr., offering to help him and his family out.
  • Jones thanked his new fans for the positive reaction to
    his story.

A video
of a young boy describing the bullying he experiences
in school went viral over the weekend, garnering
hundreds of thousands
of shares and statements of support
from a mix of celebrities ranging from pop singer Katy Perry to
President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr.

Keaton Jones of Maynardville, Tennessee gave a tearful account of
how other kids at his school verbally and physically torment him.

“People that are different don’t need to be criticized
about it,” Keaton said while his mother recorded him. “It’s not
their fault. But if you are made fun of, just don’t let it bother
you. Stay strong I guess. It’s hard. But it’ll probably get
better one day.”

Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, recorded the video after picking
him up from school because Keaton said he was too scared to go to

The reaction to the video was instantaneous — after Jones
posted the
to Facebook on Friday, it was shared
over 369,000 times by Sunday night, and seen by almost
20 million people. It also attracted the attention of celebrities
across the sports, entertainment, and politics worlds.

UFC fighter Dana White was among those who voiced their

“This video is heartbreaking!!” White
. “I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC

White’s suggestion was matched by Trump Jr., who offered to
put Jones and his family up in a Trump property in Las

“@danawhite, If he takes you up on your offer to see UFC
Headquarters, I would be honored to host him and his family at
our place if they need somewhere to stay,” Trump
on Twitter.

Jarrett Guarantano, a University of Tennessee quarterback,
actually met Jones and tweeted a picture of the pair.

“So I got the chance to spend the day with my new best bud
Keaton,” Guarantano wrote. “It was unbelievable to get to know
him and realize that we have a lot in common. This dude is very
special and has changed my life forever. Now I have the little
brother I always wanted! God bless you my man.”

screenshot keaton jones Jarrett Guarantano
Jones with Guarantano on Sunday.

via @BroadwayJay2/Twitter

White and Guarantano were
by singer Katy Perry and actors Mark Hamill, Chris
Evans, and Mark Ruffalo, who each tweeted encouraging

“Don’t waste time wondering why a bully would be so mean,”
wrote Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars
franchise. “They’re sad people who think hurting others will make
them feel better because they really don’t like

Millie Bobby Brown of “Stranger Things” fame said she
admired Jones.

“I think your sooo cool Keaton! I wanna be your friend (
but srsly),” she tweeted.

In the world of news, Jones was met with praise from Fox
News host Sean Hannity.

“If anyone knows Keaton and his parents, i will gladly fly
them to NYC to be my guest & visit Fox News,” Hannity


Sports writer Jamie O’Grady also voiced his support as well as
his anger at the bullies who tormented Jones.

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“This is Keaton Jones,” he wrote.
“He is amazing. I hope those who bullied him get what’s coming to
them. And soon.”

In response to this huge outpouring of love,
Jones thanked his new fans in a Facebook
on Monday.

“Thanks for all the support & making sure my Story was
heard Worldwide…” Jones wrote “God works in mysterious ways…
Im sure to See better days , Be aware of all Forms of Bullying




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