8 legitimate jobs you can do from home


People who work from home find themselves enjoying a range of benefits. Increased productivity, less stress from avoiding a commute, more time to spend with family or on personal matters, and the ability to create a comfortable home office, just to name a few.

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There’s never been a better time to find a job that you can do from home. Remote work is increasing at a fast rate and more companies are offering remote jobs to entice top candidates.

In fact, our sponsor FlexJobs, lists remote jobs in over 55 career categories. Below, we list eight legitimate jobs that you can do from home.

These positions range from part time to full time, freelance to flexible schedule, but they all have one thing in common: remote work options that can put you on the fast track to better work-life balance.

Legitimate jobs you can do from home

The eight jobs below are some of the most popular job titles found in our sponsor FlexJobs’ remote work listings, with some even landing on its list of the most common work-from-home job titles.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives typically complete tasks that are ideal for a home office. Answering phones, responding to emails, helping customers, placing orders, and troubleshooting problems are just some of the duties a customer service rep may handle. Many companies seek these types of professionals to work remotely from a specific state, but national and international positions can be found as well.

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Data Entry Professional

Data entry jobs involve processing information and data into computer systems. These jobs typically require a minimum typing speed and accuracy standards. Data entry work is a more solitary task, requiring focus and a quiet environment, which makes it a great job to do from home. Data entry jobs may fall under different job titles, such as data specialist, data clerk, data collector, and database technician.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual images and graphics for print, digital, and interactive media. Graphic designers need to be well-versed in programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Work-from-home options in this industry tend to be plentiful, as most of the work is performed via software.

Marketing Coordinator

This position involves supporting a marketing department by promoting products through advertising and marketing campaigns. A knowledge of SEO, social media, and writing is typically desired. Marketing coordinator jobs can be entry-level or they may require a couple years of experience. A person in this position will need to have great communication skills to work as a marketing coordinator from home.

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If you are bilingual and want to work from home, translation may be a great fit. This job involves translating written content, audio recordings, or live speaking into another language. Translators need to understand cultural terminology and be able to translate with few errors. These types of positions can be found not only with remote options, but also with part-time and flexible schedules.

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Travel Consultant

Travel consultant duties include booking airfare, hotels, and car rentals for customers, helping plan trip itineraries and providing recommendations. Using online programs, travel consultants can work well from a home office. Those looking for this type of work may also find travel consultant jobs under the titles of travel counselor, travel specialist, and concierge specialist.

Virtual Teacher/Tutor

The teaching and tutoring career field has experienced great benefits from technology that allows professionals to now utilize online platforms to teach and tutor virtually. Using webcams or sometimes just messaging, those with the ability to teach or tutor can find jobs to do from home in a variety of subject areas on tutoo.com. Lots of part-time schedules are available as well.


Many remote writing and editing positions exist for qualified professionals. Writers and editors can easily use shared word processing programs to create and collaborate on assignments. This type of position also offers lots of flexibility–part-time hours, flexible schedules, temporary/freelance contracts, and fully remote jobs are plentiful.

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