7 under-the-radar perfumes the Telegraph fashion and beauty editors actually wear – Telegraph.co.uk

The UK fragrance market is now worth around £1.48 billion a year, according to Mintel’s latest figures. And with over 750 new fragrances launching each year, the choice is vast. But who can be bothered to smell their way through a football field’s worth of new perfumes? 

Generally, we either stick with what we know or we update based on an intriguing new ad campaign. But mostly we are  given perfume for Christmas or birthdays. And so we accumulate a fragrance wardrobe of so-so scents that rarely get an outing. Which may be why the niche sector has seen the most growth in the last 12 months.  These are under-the-radar spritzes that stop you in your tracks. They are bought through envy. Or, to…


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