50 Inspirational Quotes About Space From Famous Astronauts & Space Engineers To Fuel Your Wanderlust – YourTango

To infinity and beyond!

The concept of space is insane! The fact that there’s so much we haven’t even discovered yet in outer space blows is enough to blow anyone’s mind.

To us, Earth is everything we know, but in reality, we’re just specks of nothingness compared to the universe. Brave men and women have traveled beyond our planet Earth to explore what’s beyond our atmosphere. Those brave people are astronauts and they have said some pretty amazing things about space. 

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I never thought about how dangerous an astronaut’s job is until a recent visit to Kennedy Space Center in Central Florida. There, I watched videos of astronauts, saw space shuttles and learned about the heroes who died on their attempted journeys to they great beyond. It opened my eyes to how cool the subject is and I was definitely fascinated by it. 


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