2018 Best and Worst Jobs

A new report was released from Career Cast.

It evaluated 220 jobs and picked the best and the worst of 2018.

The report analyzed income, growth outlook, work environment, and stress.

The number one job the study found was: a genetic counselor, followed by a mathematician, university professor, and occupational therapist.

An assistant professor at Minot State agreed with the study saying his job is something new everyday.

“It’s something you can be passionate about in the research and just being in your field and just knowing what’s going on in your field is really awesome and it’s invigorating and makes life exciting,” said Dan Conn, MSU Assistant Professor, Teacher Education.

The five worst jobs listed include: a retail salesperson, painter, and in last place – a taxi driver.

Report: https://www.careercast.com/jobs-rated/2018-jobs-rated-report?page=0 


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