10 jobs that pay over $100000 with the least competition

Psychiatrist is the highest-paying job that Glassdoor identified as having minimal competition, with organizations like the US Department of Veteran Affairs posting hundreds of openings for these roles and offering six-figure salaries.

A majority of the positions that Glassdoor highlighted were in the health-care industry. Since highly skilled health-care workers are in short supply, employers are being forced to chase talent with sweeter rewards and generous pay.

Of course, just because these jobs are less competitive than others does not mean getting them is easy.

Competition is lowest among lower-paying health care jobs that require advanced degrees, says Glassdoor’s Economics Research Analyst Amanda Stansell. But just because there are fewer candidates applying for this particular kind of role does not mean that competition does not exist.

“There is still more than one job per job seeker searching for nurse practitioner and physician assistant roles,” she explains.

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