10 Best Shopping Apps to Maximize Your Black Friday Savings

10 Best Shopping Apps to Maximize Your Black Friday Savings

Even though Black Friday deals are IRL, you can use the shopping apps in this guide to make the most of your experience.

Love it or hate it, gift-giving is an essential part of the holiday season. Now that we are in November, it’s officially time to buckle down and get your holiday shopping on. Are you ready to check off most of that shopping list on Black Friday?

Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping day of the year, rivaled only by its sister shopping holiday, Cyber Monday. In 2018, Black Friday pulled in a record 6.22 billion dollars for the retail industry.

A recent study shows that the majority of shoppers, whether shopping at brick-and-mortar stores or online, will use their smartphone to check discounts, save coupons, and watch deals. So to prepare you for this year’s shop-a-palooza, we’ve researched the 10 best shopping apps that will help you save big on Black Friday.

1: Amazon

Okay, let’s get this retail behemoth out of the way. Amazon It’s everyone’s favorite online retailer: Amazon. Though Amazon didn’t officially release sales stats from Black Friday 2018, it says that the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday both broke sales records last year.

Amazon allows you to skip the long lines and the wild in-store crowds. With the Amazon mobile apps for IOS and Android, you can do your holiday shopping from the comfort of your couch.

Retail analysts predict that more and more shoppers are choosing to browse Amazon’s extensive Black Friday deals instead of braving the crowds at the mall.

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If you want to jump on the Amazon bandwagon, check the app a couple of days before thanksgiving. That’s when new deals will drop, and they will last until the end of “Cyber Week.”

2: WalMart

Similar to Amazon, WalMart is one of those retail giants you can’t avoid as you browse for the best Black Friday deals.

WalMart has a shopping app packed with features that will help you maximize your spending. Weekly flyer scans, internal receipt storage, and easy in-store pick-up make for versatile shopping options.

3: DealNews

DealNews, compatible with IOS and Android, is an essential app if you want to browse for deals all over the Internet. It’s like a convenient little shopping search engine, pulling Black Friday sales and discounts from thousands of websites.

Once you download the app, browse through the stores available and check off those that interest you most. Then, you’ll be able to view their Black Friday deals as they go live. You can set alerts when new deals become available or as prices change.

All of the deals on DealNews are analyzed by professional deal-spotters, so you know they are totally worthwhile.

4: Flipp

Flipp is a shopping app that is useful all year long, not just during the holiday shopping rush. But it does shine best the weeks leading up to Black Friday and beyond.

The app carries weekly ads from more than 800 participating retailers, and you can save coupons from each of your favorite stores all in one spot. Also, you can save all your loyalty reward cards in the app to use during checkout.

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5: The Coupons App

The Coupons app is probably the longest-running mobile coupon apps on our list. It was launched in 2008,.

The Coupons App has over 100,000 participating retailers. It also acts as a deal aggregator, so you are bound to find a coupon or discount you really want.

Make a list of the stores you want to visit, and then use the search feature to narrow down your coupon selection. Don’t forget to enable your smartphone’s location services, so that the app can notify you of more deals when you are logged in.

6: TGI Black Friday

As the name might suggest, TGI Black Friday was created simply for Black Friday shopping. Aside from its collection of accurate and up-to-date ads from major retailers, the app also has a searchable database of Black Friday deals, personalized shopping lists, and price comparisons. This is perhaps the most comprehensive deal experience available online.

7: Shopular

Shopular doesn’t necessarily stand out from other shopping apps in terms of deals and Black Friday alerts. However, it does a fantastic job of keeping track of your coupons, rewards, and cashback.

It also allows you to save coupons from retailers and redeem them right from your smartphone at checkout. Shopular also gives you cashback for verified purchases. This means you can enjoy a little extra change in your pocket as you hunt for bargains.

8: Shopsavvy

Shopsavvy has similar features to other shopping apps. It allows you to search for deals from popular stores, but what sets it apart is its robust barcode scanner.

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When you are at a store, scan a barcode on any product packaging, and this app will do a price comparison. It will check that store’s prices against that of nearby stores and point you to the best deal.

9: SlickDeals

Not only is SlickDeals a great resource for Black Friday shopping, but it is also a community of bargain hunters like yourself. Totaling over 2 million members, the SlickDeals community shares all the best deals they find, and you can get alerts when a fellow community member posts a deal for an item that you have added to your list.

10: Beyond Shopping Apps: Santa’s Bag

Though not necessarily an app to help you find the best Black Friday deals, Santa’s Bag stands out for its amazing features to keep your gift lists and purchases organized. The app allows you to set and manage budgets for every person on your gift list and track how much you have spent so far.

In addition to this app, you can check out this great post in order to develop a foolproof Black Friday shopping strategy.

Final Bit of Advice

Black Friday shopping is not for the faint of heart. However, with the 10 best shopping apps above, you’ll be able to buy gifts for everyone on your list. Download all of these apps and see which ones will be most useful to you as you embark on your Black Friday spree!


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